Success story: TELC B2 Passer Luz-Ann (Luzie) Martin

Success story: TELC B2 Passer Luz-Ann (Luzie) Martin

We asked Lucy about her experience at GLP school, what it's like to take care of a baby while you study, and her ongoing plans in Germany.

– Hi, Luzie. Today I want to talk to you about the German learning experience at GLP school. First, tell me a little about yourself, please.

– Hello! Yeah, of course. I am 34 years old, and I have a 1-year-old daughter. When I started to learn German, I was pregnant for already 3 months. And right before my B1 mock test, I delivered a baby. Currently, I'm unemployed, 'cause my contract ended in February. I worked in Saudi Arabia in the Surgical area and ICU departments for 7 years. For now, I'm in the Philippines waiting for my department in Frankfurt. I'll be working there in Sana Klinikum Offenbach.

– Ok, and why in the first place you have decided to learn German?

– It's a long story. At first, I wanted to move to the UK to change my life. I tried to pass IELTS, but I failed twice, and I was so frustrated. But some of my friends already were in Germany, and they told me about this country, encouraged me to give it a try. They also told me about all the benefits of Germany, and I become motivated! So I started searching for a language school on Google. I saw GLP, they offered an education without quitting my current job, which was my main criteria. I filled in the form, passed an interview, and started my education in 2019. Back then, we started from scratch! I mean, the school has just started up, and I just gave my full trust to ma'am Erica. Then I got my motivation and inspiration. Soon I delivered a baby and the family became my main goal!

– What was the most difficult thing for you in learning German?

– For me, studying once I had my baby was a real struggle. But maybe it's also because of the difference in time: we used a Saudi Arabia time and when I was in the Philippines. Though, the teachers really helped us. Especially sir Jeremy (he is my favorite). I can say that he made all things possible for us. He gave us all the materials that we needed, he helped us a lot!

All my classmates became my friends, and I'm really happy because of it. So basically for me, it wasn't that hard, specifically with all support we had from our teachers
Luzie with her classmates Alvin, JR and Jasmine

– How did you manage to study, while caring about your little baby and having a busy schedule at work?

– It was really hard. I thought it would be different when I was pregnant. I experienced all kinds of troubles, but when I gave birth all my problems doubled! Imagine, I'm listening to my teacher and my child is behind me. I had to adjust my time with the lessons schedule (KSA time). So at 1 a.m. in the morning we started and at the same time, I had to take care of my baby. I didn't have enough sleep, especially when the baby kept on crying. It was hard. But when you have your goal and are strongly motivated, it's easier to handle. I took the exam 3 times, I failed twice. It's really frustrating. But these failures get you more motivation, so I had no other option except to finish it!

– Do you think the German language is hard to learn?

– Yeah, It is! It's different from English, and it's hard when you start to learn it. But I think when the foundation is great it will hallow smoothly. Our program from A1 was really great, and that really helped me.

And who helped you in your learning process?

– My teacher, of course. Also, Jasmine, Alvin, all of my classmates. We had video calls to review our homework. During our preparation, we checked some TELC materials and the ones that Jeremy gave us.

So what was your goal during the education?

– To raise my child in better conditions and to be with my husband. He is working in Dubai right now.
Luzie on her wedding day
After the wedding, we've been separated. He had to work in Dubai, me - in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, he is going to Germany with me.

We have not seen each other in 1.6 years. After the wedding, I got pregnant. And because of the pandemic he did not see me pregnant, and our baby personally. That's also my motivation - Be together in Germany with my family

Do you have any advice for the new language learners, who want to move to Germany?

– Maybe I would just tell them about my experience, my motivation, and my goals. When you do something new or have a plan like German language learning, you should have a certain goal. And that goal will keep you motivated. And I'm sure that there will be a time when you will burn out or will be frustrated. When you will think about quitting. But you always need to remember your goal and inspiration like the family. Not passing the exams is not a failure. Just like me - the A2 mock exam - I did not pass. B2 mock exam - I did not pass. B2 TELC - twice did not pass. But my motivation keeps me going and not stopping.

Who is your inspiration?

– My baby! Because she is the best! Every time I see her, I know exactly that I'm doing this for her. I sacrificed my time for her!
Luzie's daughter

What did you know about Germany before your education?

– I knew that the German people are very strict, punctual, straight forward. The culture according to my friends is very nice, high technology, especially in medicine. If you want to travel – Germany is really a must-go place. Also, I knew about their food, wine, beer, and bread! As I know, bread is everywhere in Germany 🙂

What about are you excited the most?

– Traveling, definitely. Me and my friend soon will be in Germany, and we plan to travel a lot, maybe to other European countries. And of course, I want to try food and wines. Especially sausages! Because my friends keep telling me, "You should try it! It will be your new favorite food!"

And what about the weather?

– I have no experience with snow before, so I'm very excited to see it! I already bought warm clothes when I left Saudi Arabia.

– Are you nervous about living in a new country?

– Yeah, I am. I mean, it's different people, culture and I have to adjust again, but it's fine. I already prepared myself for it.

– What are your ongoing plans for the future?

– Staying there with my family! Hopefully, it all will be good.

Great! Hopes you'll succeed! Thanks for your time and Good luck. Bye!

– Bye!


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