Success Story: TELC B2 Passer Jasmine Сarreon Tesoro

Success Story: TELC B2 Passer Jasmine Сarreon Tesoro

We talked to Jasmine about her working experience, education at GLP and the German dream.

– Jasmine, tell us a little about yourself and your work.

– I'm 28 years old and I live in the Philippines, Santiago city. In 2013 I started working as a nurse in an Adventist hospital. I worked there for four years, then moved to Saudi Arabia in another hospital and worked there for another three years in the isolation department. So, in total, I have 7 years of work experience. And in February 2020 I started to learn the German language in GLP. So basically I was working and at the same time studying the language.

– And how did you know about the GLP school?

– I just saw it on my Facebook page. So I filled the form and applied. Later I received a reply from the school asking me to come in for a Zoom meeting. Two days later, Ms. Erica interviewed me and I was enrolled in school.

– So why in the first place you decided to learn the German language?

– In 2017 my boyfriend and I decided to go to Germany. But since there were two of us and moving required a lot of money, we agreed that he would go first and later I would learn German and also move there.

So basically, I wanted to learn German and move because of him:)

– And for how long you haven't seen your boyfriend?

– For two years( I really miss him a lot!

– What was the hardest thing about learning German when you started studying in GLP?

– Of course, the language itself, because, as we all know, German is really hard! Especially, when you are working and studying at the same time. I had a Duty schedule at the hospital and sometimes worked for 12 hours. By the time you reach your home, you want to rest, because the next day it's the same scenario again. But, instead of sleeping, taking a rest, and gaining some strength for the next day, you need to prepare yourself for your class. Sometimes, because of my duty, I wasn't able to attend the class as productive as possible and just listened to the teacher on zoom. So, yeah, this is the hardest part definitely!

– And what helps you the most while you're learning?

– Primary the teacher, Sir Jeremy! He is the best!) He gave us a lot of materials.

Even when you can't attend the class, at least you have the material to review, so there's no excuse for you not to study!

That's helped me a lot. Aside from that, we do the studying review outside the class with my classmates. I made a lot of friends during my studies.

– What additional materials in your training did you use besides the ones your teacher gave to you?

– I have a lot of apps on my phone! Every time I saw something about German in the AppStore, I need to try this) I mean, it's was very helpful for me. I didn't finish all of it because of the paid subscriptions, but at least I tried some. When the free trial is done, I've deleted the apps and tried another) Also, YouTube helps me a lot. I have a lot of channels. I heard some lectures from these channels, when I was doing some self-study. There are a lot of German language teachers on YouTube and I learned from them as well.  I think, there's a lot of ways to learn the language, and of course the best of it – the exam.

– And what about your exams? How were your results?

– As I remember, I only failed once during my B2 level. But only one of my classmates passed that time. But A1, A2, and B1 I passed from the first time. Sometimes  I attended other classes because I wanted to learn more and be prepared.

– Who can you call your inspiration if you have one?

– My boyfriend, definitely!  Yeah, because, as I said earlier, that's the main reason why I wanted to move to Germany. Before he had moved there, I just wanted to do some vacation maybe in a couple of European countries, because that was my childhood dream.

But since we met, everything has changed and now I'm almost in Germany

– What did you know about Germany as a country before you start learning the language?

– I knew only about the benefits they have. That's the basic thing. I knew, also, that the education they offer is free, which is not free here, in the Philippines. Because you need to pay for everything here!

– And what do you excited about the most in Germany?

– I am very excited to see the palaces there. There was a time during our B1 level when Sir Jeremy asked us which country or which place in Germany we want to visit.  And then I saw it, Neuschwanstein Castle, yeah. I was so amazed. I want to visit this castle and reach the top of it. That's my dream!

Neuschwanstein Castle

– And what about the weather in Germany? Have you prepared for it?

– I’m excited about the weather, because here in the Philippines it’s very hot. There's no room for cold weather in Saudi Arabia as well. The weather here has extreme temperatures, and there's no snow.

– So when do you move to Germany?

– As soon as my visa is ready, I’m Passing to Hessen. The embassy will set an appointment. Then, after you book an appointment, if it's approved, I can go to Germany.

– What are you nervous about the most?

– Only about the language. During our classes, the teacher showed us the instrument they're using in German hospitals. So it's almost the same with Saudi Arabia. In terms of the equipment. Of course, I'm just afraid how I'm going to communicate with the people. So right now I need to study more on nursing and reading books. My friend gave me one and I already started reading it.

– Ok, and final question for you. Do you have any advice for those, who want to start learning language and move to Germany?

– You should always have a goal! You need to do your part as a student, and not only depending on the teachers and what they're giving you. I look at some other materials, other learning tools to study the language. Learning is not only what the teacher is giving to you, but it's also about yourself. And you need to be motivated, of course, you should think first about your main goal. Why are you doing this? Everybody has a goal when they start. And yeah, someday they will also, pass and be there, in Germany. Also, I think most of us want to earn a certain high salary. Here in the Philippines, we have a really low salary, because our country is poor.

And you should have an inspiration. I have the support of my family and friends. I want to be a nurse whatever it takes. There is no other way for me. That's my passion.

– Thanks a lot! I hope you'll soon be in Germany with your boyfriend and working as a nurse as you want. Wish you good luck. Bye!

– Bye!


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