How to make learning German fun and interesting?

Learning Tips Jan 13, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself how you could learn the German language in a more fun and interesting way?

Well I have. This was one of the questions I asked myself,

"Is it really possible to learn the German language and have fun at the same time?"

Well, not all the time as some may say, but fortunately it is possible when you apply some effective ways. In a minute, I am going to share one of the techniques I have applied and led me to a productive yet fun learning!

First let me introduce you to one of the best ways you could use to make study interesting and fun! Are you ready? Here we go! Indulge yourself to an activity that interests you the most, and match it up to your studies! Want to have an example? Sure! Allow me to share my own experience with you.

I have always loved music. It just brings me joy every time. That passion was fading as I was growing up because adulthood hit me so hard. Time after time, I realized that my life would actually make a big difference if I could incorporate my talent into it. What exactly had brought me to that realization? Studying German Language. Yes, you’ve heard it right! I was very happy to be back into it because of learning the language.

Studying a new language required an effort for me since my brain was not really into it for a long time. So I thought it would be interesting if I could sync learning to my interest in music. I chose singing specifically.  I may not be a perfect singer, but I am passionate about it. Remember when we were young, we would memorize song lyrics fast without putting a lot of effort into it? How was that even possible? It’s because we were very passionate about it! Back when we were young, we used to enjoy doing things with emotions!

What about now? The more we grow, the more responsibilities we get! And the more we receive responsibilities, the more we forget to enjoy life. That is also the same as learning a new language. We sometimes forget to enjoy studying. Here is my personal video that I am going to share now! This song has stuck into my head all over and over again. I hope this will give you hope to make learning fun and interesting!

Syncing singing and learning worked well for me. What about you? Well, if you are not into music, that is fine! Let me give another example. If you like running and you want to improve your listening skill, you can listen to your lessons or recording while running. If you like games and want to improve your vocabulary, download any flashcard app to enjoy learning new words while playing! If you love dancing, incorporate your own dance choreography to improve your sentence structure for example. If you are interested in a lot of activities, you can definitely combine them all!

As simple as it may sound, it actually still requires preparation, effort and time before you are able to make things happen! But do not worry as this platform will give you more tools and ways to make learning interesting and fun! This is just the first step to give you some motivation.

If you are worried that you may fail in between, do not worry, it is okay to experience that. After all, we are only humans. Just remember that if you are passionate about what you do, you will eventually choose to be creative and stand up again, and will make you sore high in no time! Keep going!